The Janusz Bogdanowski Award

This prize is awarded to recognize students and professionals alike for their outstanding achievements in architecture. Since 2003, it has been presented by the Archi-Szopa Society in cooperation with the Cracow edition of Gazeta Wyborcza. The contest committee assesses both new construction designs as well as conversion plans for old buildings located in the city of Cracow. To qualify for the contest, potential participants must have considered a new or different means of utilizing municipal space in the capital of the Małopolska region. The award is named after Professor Janusz Bogdanowski - an architect, urban planner, and landscape designer, as well as an outstanding expert in military construction. During his career, he was affiliated with the Cracow University of Technology until he died in 2003. Prof. Bogdanowski's most significant works include: Warownie i zieleń Twierdzy Kraków (1979), Sztuka obronna (1993) and Architektura obronna w krajobrazie Polski (1997).

Past Award-Winning Designs:

  1. Dębnicki Park, Praska Street (2003).
  2. Redesign of the garden associated with the Mehoffer House (2004).
  3. The construction of A.F. Modrzewski Cracow College (2005).
  4. Renovation and conversion of the Austrian-built fort in Węgrzce near Cracow (2006).
  5. Redevelopment of the former horse-drawn tram depot on Gazowa Street, Cracow – today the Museum of the Municipal Engineering (2007).
  6. The Centre of Sport and Education in Nowa Huta (2008).
  7. K.S. Cracovia Stadium and the Museum of Polish Aviation (2010).