Idea (english)

The Cracow-based section of the Polish Historical Society is pleased to announce the Second Congress for Foreign Scholars of Polish History, to be held on 13-15 September 2012 in Cracow under the leading theme: POLAND IN CENTRAL EUROPE.

The main objective of the meeting is to hold discussions and debates on the subject. Following in the tradition of the first congress, which took place in 2007, it is our goal to provide a venue for the exchange of experiences among international scholars involved in the field of Polish history. The Second Congress furnishes an opportunity to discuss future perspectives and current research challenges, as well as the issues of teaching and popularization, and is designed to facilitate the integration of scholars and institutions engaged in the study of Polish past and Poland’s historical connections with its neighbors.

The Congress is once again to be held in the Royal City of Cracow. Thanks to the involvement local institutions devoted to the teaching of history, participants will be able to visit a number of important historic sites, including those normally off-limits to the average tourist.

Foreign scholars from Europe and across the world, as well as Polish researchers, are all welcome to attend. We extend our invitation to academics involved in the study of particular thematic fields, individuals engaged in the transmission of knowledge on the history of Poland and the region, as well as teachers and lovers of history. The call for submissions is addressed not only to historians, but also to other scholars in the humanities and social sciences, as well as representatives from research institutions and organizations which award grants and fellowships. Journalists, museum workers, graduate and postgraduate students – in short, all those who consider the study and popularization of Polish history in Central Europe important – are likewise welcome.